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There is a sharp increase in the value of Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is the new Gold. Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are fast becoming the most valuable currencies with a single Bitcoin worth as much as ten of thousands of dollars. Needless to add that such valuables must be protected and access to it secured. 
But this is not always the case. We can’t be too careful and many people (You are not alone), have lost access to their digital wallets thereby permanently unable to retrieve their Bitcoins, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies.
There are many factors accountable for the loss of access to your digital wallet; a forgotten password, defective storage or even a tamper with the block chain.
Any of these highlighted factors should trigger genuine worry for it could signify a permanent inaccessibility from your Cryptocurrencies. 
But all hope is not dashed. When you find yourself in this kind of situation, you can regain access to your cryptocurrencies by taking the right steps.
Even in the most intricate of situations, a flicker of hope is assured when the right team helps out. You need not look further for that team. BRES is that and more. 
BRES is the almagam of a law firm and a Cyber security firm managed by eggheads of ethical hacking in the world.
That is why we have been regarded as the destination for the impossible.  When all other recovery attempts have failed, we step up to the task of recovering your valuable digital wallets. Our service comes with the uncommon niche of having lawyers versed in cybersecurity protecting your funds once we’ve recovered them.
If you forgot wallet PASSWORD … 
You can’t be too careful. In case of a forgotten or misplaced password which means inability to access funds, we shall help you to explore other ways of retrieving access.
Encountering WALLETS IN WATCH only… 
When you encounter wallets in watch only imbroglio, your wallet becomes unaccessible. But that’s not the end of it. Your stored funds can be recovered with the aid of our expertise 
If your funds get lost in FORKS … 
We can help in also recovering funds lost in forked cork if you have a bitcoin balance before the fork
If your funds go to INVALID address… 
We can track and recover virtual coins trapped in transit if sent to the wrong address.
If your storage becomes DEFECTIVE. .. 
No matter the storage device you might be using for your crypto activities If you encounter difficulty in accessing it, we will assist with recovering your data.
If you mistakenly DELETED your data… 
We can also recover lost data in case your data is mistakenly deleted and your cryptocurrency is feared lost.
In case of VIRUSES…. 
We can also clear viruses in your devices that could spell potential danger for your wallet. Or in cases whereby your wallet or Bitcoin is already in jeopardy because of these viruses, maybe by making it difficult to access, we expertly clear the virus and protect your fund.
The recovery process for lost or inaccessible Bitcoins entails a strong and wide knowledge about the way the block chain works, especially when it comes to recovering funds from a forked cork. The kind of help you will get from us in achieving this depends on the action or inaction responsible for your inability to access your coins in the first place. But basically all inaccessibility challenges require the service of computer wizards to resolve.
We offer the service of the very best of assemblage of these computer wizards anywhere in the world. Their indefatigable knowledge of decryption and password recovery tools would ensure that your Bitcoin is never lost even when you suppose all hope dashed. Lost coins or lost wallets get found with us. 
The real knowledge of obtaining  passwords that our ethical hackers have put to work in the recovery of your coins cannot be replicated anywhere else. Even though guessing of passwords is nearly impossible due to the security measures put in place Bitcoin, our techniques and the expertise of our computer geniuses will make it possible in accessing your wallets.
When you get BRES involved in the business of recovery, be rest assured that your funds are safe. They are in trusted hands as we are poised to ensure the safety of your bitcoin and can assure you of your fund becoming your fund once again.




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